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Dear Swimmers,

You are welcome to participate in the below mentioned activity perviously known as OSIM Triathlon organised by Singapore Triathlon. Please register as an individual online.

Thank you.

Ms Yang

Singapore Triathlon 2012

Singapore Triathlon 2012 Logo_banner
Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon 2012
National Championships & Corporate Challenge
Date: 29 September 2012, Saturday
Venue: East Coast Park Area E2, Angsana Green
Registration is now Open! Please visit: https://regonline.activeglobal.com/sgtrinc2012
The "OSIM Singapore International Triathlon" event will, from 2012 onwards, be known as the "Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon" event. The quality, safety and other satisfactorial aspects of the event will remain the same!
The partnership of OSIM and Triathlon Association of Singapore has been a wonderful journey; growing and cultivating the triathlon sport in our arena. However, due to restrategising for both parties, for the year 2012, OSIM will no longer be the title sponsor from 2012 onwards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank OSIM for the wonderful partnership over the last 10 years, which had indeed grow the sport and the event to where it is now! Thank you OSIM!
Dear athletes, Welcome to the COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE TRIATHLON 2012 event!
Thank you Cold Storage for coming in as our Title Sponsor for the event. We're looking forward to a wonderful and fruitful journey with you, in the development of the event and the Sport of Triathlon in Singapore!
National Triathlon Championships: Are you the best Triathlete in Singapore, in your age groups and categories? Do you want to Challenge yourself with the best in Singapore? Come and Join us! We are also taking this opportunity, to look out out for potential triathletes, particularly in the Sprint Distances (16 to 19 years) and the Standard Distances (18 years and above).
Corporate Triathlon Challenge: Do you want to bring Honour and Glory to your organisation? Come join in the Challenge as an individual or together with your organisation's Triathlon Team! Come share your passion in this sport with your fellow colleagues! Challenge points will be awarded to each and every participants from their organization, if they had completed the event within a specific time frame. Everyone plays a part for their organization to vie for the overall Corporate Challange Champion!
Besides, this provides a platform for organizations to create teamwork, team bonding and building of camaradie spirit among your team!
So come Join us on the 29th September 2012! Be it to challenge yourself, to put your organisation to the Challenge or for both, Mark it on your calendar today and start Tri-ing!
*** Standard Distance Triathlon Category is on first come first serve basis, and limited to 1st 1000 entries only, after which registration will close for this category even before the closing date!***

Registration is now Open! Please visit:


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