Dear swimmers and parents

Dear swimmers and parents,

Thank you for participating in our annual Intra-school swimming competition held on 16 April 2013.

Registration for the upcoming Inter-school Nationals Swimming competition is now open.

Please go to to register for the competition.
Cut-off timing for each individual event can be found online at
Our closing date (internal deadline) is set at 30 April 2013 to facilitate administration.
Please adhere to this deadline.

You may email me at for further clarification.

Thank you and have a good week!

Ms Mae Yang

Dear parents and swimmers

Dear parents and swimmers,

There is a new event for Inter-school swimming championship 2013: 200m individual medley

Please go to to check out the events, timeline and cut off timing for each individual event in the Inter-school swimming competition.

The letter and registration form will be distributed next week.

Thank you and have a good weekend!

Ms Mae Yang

Schedule for Swimsafer Program Term 2.

Dear Parents

The following is the schedule of the Swimsafer Program for Term 2.

Best Regards
Mdm Brenda Kok
Dear Swimmers and Swimsafer pupils,

Here are the training dates for Term 2.

CCA swimmers: Pls bring your flippers and paddles on Monday trainings.

Swimsafer: Please note that there will be no more land trainings, students are to bring swimgear for every Swimsafer session.

Ms Mae Yang

Dear Swimsafer

Dear Swimsafer parents,

My apologies for this late notice.
There are some changes to the venue for Term 1 training.
Training on 14 March is cancelled due to Sports Days (thus no school for P1-2).

Here is the training schedule.
Please also note that to avoid the possibility of our children not having 4pm school bus from KRC due to suspension of CCAs, do be reminded to inform your respective bus drivers that your child will require transport home for the particular Swimsafer day.

CCA swimmers, please note that training will resume only on 11 March and suspended until March Holidays 

Thank you and have a good CA week!

Ms Yang

Swimsafer pupils

Dear P4 CCA and Swimsafer pupils,

PESEB refers to the original CCAB swimming pool, beside the NUS Law faculty.
The address is 21 Evans Road.

Information for P4 CCA swimmers (KRC):
Gather at Meeting Point at 1.50pm for attendance
Bus leaves at 2.00pm
Arrival at PESEB at 2.20pm

Training ends at 4.40pm on Mondays and Thursdays and 3.40pm on Fridays
(Parents are welcome to pick-up directly from PESEB)
Arrival in school (KRC) at 5.00pm (Mondays & Thursdays) and 4.00pm (Fridays).

Information for P2 Swimsafer pupils:
Change into your swimming attire before gathering at the canteen.
Bus will pick up by 1.50pm.
Arrival at PESEB at 2.20pm

End at 3.30pm. Parents can pick up directly from PESEB.
Arrival in school (KRC) AT 4.00pm.
There is no drop off at TTC due to security issues.
As the swimsafer programme will be continuing during the SA1 exam period, there will not be 4pm school buses from KRC to home. Parents are to arrange for their own transport home from KRC.

Please refer to the blog posted on 14th Jan for the training schedules.

Thank you.

Ms Yang and Mdm Kok
Dear swimmers,

Thank you for your patience. Here's the schedule of teachers for Jan and Feb.
Best Regards,
Ms Mae Yang